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I’m going CRAZY! But enjoying the ride!

Good golly Miss Molly!! I feel like I’m going to lose my mind! For my dear followers, you know we’ve been working on paring down since August. And I feel like we keep chipping away, little here, little there. and then BAM, we add more stuff! Does that make sense?? NO, NO it doesn’t! For instance, we added a kitchen aid mixer in December. Something we’ve always wanted and use quite a bit, to be honest. But in September added a large stuffed animal, a few handmade quilts, recently a couple more dishes that were in storage the rest we did sell off, and donated! I know I shouldn’t complain because it’s not like we added a table and chairs, we’ve been very smart about our choices, but boy is it a long process!

I must confess here, I have a surgery coming and it’s all consuming right now. It’s not expected to be life altering for long. But getting the phone call to schedule it made me realize, AGAIN, WHY we are doing this. Why we are wanting less and live a more simplified life!

So here I will post happy pictures of the life I hope one day to live!! Thanks for reading!

First, we will start with our favorite “Tiny House” Tom and Shaye’s tiny home. It’s wonderful, 8’x24′ for a total of 161sqft living space. We would need to add a bit more space to have a ground floor bedroom, but I love the simplicity, clean lines and large kitchen space. Oh we would need to add an apartment fridge as well. But for a link for a video tour click here.

tom and shaye 1

Tom and Shaye's floor plan

Next is the always inspirational: The Hansel House. This is fairy tale living at its best! We love this famous little house, but it does seem a little cramped for our taste at 300sqft. But given the chance, I think we would love to live here! Also, they do have some nifty space using ideas. Watch the video tour here. For interesting history about it and photos of the inside click here.

The Hansel House

hansel 2

Our Favorite: English Cottage: This is our most favorite, we love the angled roofs, dutch style wood showing and stucco siding as well as all those beautiful windows and stone on the outside and chimney for the toasty warm fire inside! It’s only 17’6″ x 23′ making it 402sqft, 300sqft living space. We would probably square it off and make it 25×25 for a full 625sqft which is regulation size, albeit a bit big for us, for the county we want to live in. For floor plans click here.

English Cottage
English Cottage

Changes are a coming!

It seems everyday that we battle the amount of possessions we have. We sort, toss, organize and yet, it still seems to be overwhelming. The closet that once was empty is now filled with canned goods because we ran out of pantry space and I got tired of looking at the clutter on the floor.


But we gave some items to a relative:


And changed the area around, which has made a large impact, like our new dining table, it’s an old typewriter table, (the sides fold down and it’s on wheels so it become half that size)?




We even sorted through all our games, this shelf was just crammed, nearly to the ceiling, this is what we have left of them. We have more work to do on this shelving unit. All the discs you see are headed to become digital and then we will give them or sell them to some one else.



There’s still a bit more sorting to do. We are actually contemplating a very small two bedroom where the second small bedroom is a library. We have a lot of reference materials and collections we’d like to keep. But perhaps that’s part of the issue, hard to let things go. I think in time this collection will dwindle, it’s just about taking the time to adjust to the idea then we can give it to a good home? Let’s hope. Other wise we will be living a situation just like we are now, and that will not achieve our goals!

Thanks for reading, if you have questions or thoughts, feel free to share! Also, my next post will be on tiny houses we love and hope to immolate when we get around to designing ours!

Peace, Happiness, Stress and Possessions

Our grasp on happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Only “40% of our happiness is under our control,” whether we like it or not, that’s what research has found. So why not make the most of it? Living Tiny isn’t just about being less expensive, it’s a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to make choices that often leads to being happier and less stressed. It gives you more time and opportunity for daily happiness, not just in the big adventures but in living more simply, peacefully. This has been testified by many tiny house owners like author, Tammy Strobel, Heather on Facebook’s  Little House, Big Adventures, and Ryan Mitchell of or Alex Pino at, just to name a few. As for the other 60% that makes up our happiness? We have virtually no control over, “50% of happiness has a genetic component, 10% depends on your life circumstances.”

My hope is to reach out to those of you who feel trapped in your lonely, stressed-out, depressed, hamster wheel lives like we were. When we work so hard to have things, we are stressed, have less time to have experiences that enrich our being, our relationships, our lives. Finding peace is hard. There is an emotional aspect that doesn’t get mentioned often enough about how our happiness is affected by our ability to relate to others versus our physical environment. Studies show that experiences and relationships trump possessions on the ability to make us happier. I want to encourage you to do what you long to do, to make connections, to make the choice to be happier or at the very least, make little changes to live less stressful, more peaceful and better, manageable lives. It takes courage. So, I write this blog to share our journey in making difficult changes, choices and paring down for living tiny. It’s hard, but we roll up our sleeves, conjure our bravest game face and get it done! We want to show that you really can live more with less! Often times we are burdened by our possessions whether by their physical presence or by having to maintain them, not to mention the emotional exhaustion from it all too.

Many of us are stuck working lots of hours at jobs we hate, to afford the things we have and spend so many hours to keep it that we don’t get to use it much. I’m a homemaker because of severe medical issues, but at one point my husband was working three jobs! It was crazy!! We didn’t get to spend time together, which made me miss him, he was grumpy and tired. So, he worked hard to find a new job that paid better, we adjusted our budget and now he only works that job and one day on the farm for his mom on the weekends, which is more fun than work! Our choices have made both of our lives easier, by working less, having less to clean/maintain, we have less things so we spend less time searching for them, which means more  peaceful time together. We are much happier as a couple and less stressed now.

The quotes about happiness used in the opening paragraph came from:, in an article, “How to cultivate happiness that lasts.” I have found the information repeated in other medical documents. I will be posting on happiness and tiny life more in the future. The picture was taken at a park we frequent.

How about you? What do you want to do to be happier and less stressed? What brings you a sense of peace? Are you burdened/stressed by your possessions?  Let me know in a comment what you value, what are your thoughts on happiness, questions? If your house caught fire, aside from your family and your pets, what things are worth saving?

The Struggle

I want a simpler life, really, I do! However, I’m struggling with going through and picking out what to keep, toss, give, recycle,etc… We went through the easiest part of the kitchen, next will be the cookware/utensils… and you know what?? I DON’T WANT TO! I don’t want to choose how many cookie sheets to keep or whether or not to hold on to 1 or 2 of my beloved 13×9 baking dishes. What if I want to make a casserole and a cake in the same day? See the problem?

this is the cookware cabinet, pots, pans, baking dishes and tupperware
this is the cookware cabinet, pots, pans, baking dishes and tupperware
Misc. cookie sheets, salad spinner, lunch trays used when making christmas cookies and so many other projects
Misc. cookie sheets, salad spinner, lunch trays used when making christmas cookies and so many other projects
old cupcake pans and new muffin pans, who needs both?
old cupcake pans and new muffin pans, who needs both?








Paring-down or as I like to call it, “smart-sizing,” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Our first sorting session that I posted about in the kitchen was quite easy. Now the real challenge, for me personally, will begin. I love to cook and bake. I like my tools and utensils. I have fear of getting rid of something and really missing it or that its absence will make my life harder. This would go against the idea of living the tiny making my life easier.

At this point I must explain that there’s a certain amount of introspection and psychological digging we have to do to find out WHY we want to keep our things, what purpose do they serve? Do we really NEED them or is it just more stuff, do I seriously need two baking dishes? And in the end, will tiny living really be a life we can ENJOY if it means giving up so many of our possessions?

So, what’s a girl to do?? My plan? Well, as I’m writing this, it occurs to me that I will be putting these things in storage and not yet giving them away, just as a test. That perspective might help to make it easier to part with some of my items, knowing they are not far away if I find that I really NEED them.

Another aspect to take in account is that in my tiny home, with less things, organization will be key. As you can see these cabinets are awfully messy, but the space is not proper for good organization. One of the things I look forward to most is customization for what things we have decided to keep, even it it is both baking dishes.

I hope by next week, these spaces will look very different as I continue to come realize this is just an experiment for now, nothing is permanent and I can always go back. But the hope is that I won’t need to. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading, please be sure to subscribe so you will know when a new post goes up. Also, please leave comments/tips on how you have or would handle this issue!