Peace, Happiness, Stress and Possessions

Our grasp on happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Only “40% of our happiness is under our control,” whether we like it or not, that’s what research has found. So why not make the most of it? Living Tiny isn’t just about being less expensive, it’s a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to make choices that often leads to being happier and less stressed. It gives you more time and opportunity for daily happiness, not just in the big adventures but in living more simply, peacefully. This has been testified by many tiny house owners like author, Tammy Strobel, Heather on Facebook’s  Little House, Big Adventures, and Ryan Mitchell of or Alex Pino at, just to name a few. As for the other 60% that makes up our happiness? We have virtually no control over, “50% of happiness has a genetic component, 10% depends on your life circumstances.”

My hope is to reach out to those of you who feel trapped in your lonely, stressed-out, depressed, hamster wheel lives like we were. When we work so hard to have things, we are stressed, have less time to have experiences that enrich our being, our relationships, our lives. Finding peace is hard. There is an emotional aspect that doesn’t get mentioned often enough about how our happiness is affected by our ability to relate to others versus our physical environment. Studies show that experiences and relationships trump possessions on the ability to make us happier. I want to encourage you to do what you long to do, to make connections, to make the choice to be happier or at the very least, make little changes to live less stressful, more peaceful and better, manageable lives. It takes courage. So, I write this blog to share our journey in making difficult changes, choices and paring down for living tiny. It’s hard, but we roll up our sleeves, conjure our bravest game face and get it done! We want to show that you really can live more with less! Often times we are burdened by our possessions whether by their physical presence or by having to maintain them, not to mention the emotional exhaustion from it all too.

Many of us are stuck working lots of hours at jobs we hate, to afford the things we have and spend so many hours to keep it that we don’t get to use it much. I’m a homemaker because of severe medical issues, but at one point my husband was working three jobs! It was crazy!! We didn’t get to spend time together, which made me miss him, he was grumpy and tired. So, he worked hard to find a new job that paid better, we adjusted our budget and now he only works that job and one day on the farm for his mom on the weekends, which is more fun than work! Our choices have made both of our lives easier, by working less, having less to clean/maintain, we have less things so we spend less time searching for them, which means more  peaceful time together. We are much happier as a couple and less stressed now.

The quotes about happiness used in the opening paragraph came from:, in an article, “How to cultivate happiness that lasts.” I have found the information repeated in other medical documents. I will be posting on happiness and tiny life more in the future. The picture was taken at a park we frequent.

How about you? What do you want to do to be happier and less stressed? What brings you a sense of peace? Are you burdened/stressed by your possessions?  Let me know in a comment what you value, what are your thoughts on happiness, questions? If your house caught fire, aside from your family and your pets, what things are worth saving?