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We have always been considered unconventional and a little quirky. Imagining a life free from things, so light weight that packing for the week takes less than five minutes, cleaning your whole house takes 10minutes, with less effort and elbow grease, leaving you with enough energy left over for an evening out!

Well that’s what we are aiming for by building a tiny home, together with our YouTube channel:http://www.YouTube.com/TheWaxingturtle , and this blog, we will document our journey! I’m Audrey, the writer, Steve, my husband will be doing much of the videos and our dog, Manny, will just be adorable eye candy! We are so happy you stopped by to see what we are doing! If you haven’t heard of tiny living yet, just search, “Tiny Home” or “Tiny Living” or “Tiny Houses” and you will find a huge amount of resources, articles, images and videos. Many of the homes range from 96sq.ft to 240sq.ft. The reasons to do this are as varied as the people who chose it, many people who decide to live in a tiny home or a tiny lifestyle are looking  for freedom by simplifying their lives, both financially and emotionally. It often provides a mortgage/rent free, low maintenance lifestyle that allows you to truly focus on living a more full-filling life. It’s not an easy choice, there’s a lot of saving and preparing that go in to it. We show you what our 900sq.ft. apartment looks like now, no hiding the ugly truth: We own a lot of crap! Seriously, we have more things than any two people and a dog should own.

Before we can move in, we first have to pare down, or “smart-size” our possessions to fit into 240sq. ft. from our current 900sq. ft. apartment. We hope that peace and freedom will come as we say, “adios” to our things! We recognize that we currently are not living the life we want. Steve is an artist and is overwhelmed by his things interfering with his ability to create. I am social and enjoy cooking and baking. But with limited energy and physical abilities, the tiny home will give me less to clean and maintain, giving more opportunity to do what I love! We are both avid coffee and tea drinkers, we want to learn more about them and how to make the perfect cup! We both enjoy the out doors, with less to maintain indoors, we will be able to spend more happy days outside!

Join us on this journey as we show you behind the scenes of where we are beginning to where we are going.  I noticed that in Tiny House Blogs/Vlogs you don’t see where the people really began. Like you, I have so many questions, we have 3 couches, what do we do with them? My dog has two dog crates, we have a many kitchen tools… How do you pare down and make the tough decisions of what to keep or get rid of? Well, follow us and see, we also will show you any resources we have found that helps! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel with videos! Feel free to comment with tips/hints and resources you have learned about.



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