Is it really tiny living?

You might be asking, “Is it really tiny living if you have a second building/separate studio/or storage unit?”

Some people say NO because you still have too much space. Some people say YES because you’re organizing your space, living with intent and not waste.

So, ultimately, it depends on your goals, and like the many people who choose this life, the reasons are very diverse! I know I’ve mentioned it before but today, I’m going to dive in a little deeper about the reasons for tiny life.

For some, living tiny means to reduce your carbon footprint, so they go as small as they can living off of community space like outdoors, libraries, gyms, and parks. Using local resources increases your quality of life with out having to own and maintain the square footage. Some want to live tiny in order to travel. These folks sell off everything except the bare essentials and the open road and adventure is their “home.” People like us are looking to simplify and organize their lives, hence the second building for hobbies/work/storage, etc. This makes it possible to have the things you need on a semi-regular basis, ei. studio/camping/skiing/sports/music/yoga equipment, with out it being in the way daily. This helps to organize your life, your space, your mind and emotional well being.

Living in our small apartment with all of my husbands art supplies has been a challenge our entire married lives. He also finds that there’s not enough space to work and live. By making a separate, small area at his mom’s, he is both utilizing space that would otherwise go unused and creating a positive work environment for himself. Since he has moved his studio he has actually engaged in more artistic endeavors than he has in ages!! This helps him to focus, engage and do what he loves, creating a positive experience for him, me and our marriage!

When thinking tiny, remember, you don’t have to own it, you can share with someone else. Whether that be space, equipment, or hobbies.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment, like and share! Next blog will be photos of our NEW apartment!


2 thoughts on “Is it really tiny living?

  1. What a fantastic solution. You have really got me thinking. I don’t plan to downsize for many years, but I don’t like being overwhelmed by stuff. I have always thought the solution was just to declutter and offload my stuff. But storing it on my own property – not in the house and not paying for a storage unit – is a very real option. Thanks!

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    • You’re very welcomed! And thank you! I’m starting to feel like I was trying to deny myself the things we love so that we can live simpler lives, but this solution is very helpful! We are also learning more about organization in this new place. I can’t believe how much we can hold on to, that we use/want, in such a small place by being properly organized!


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