We’re MOVING!!


I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, so I waited till the ink was dry on the lease to our new SMALLER apartment!! We move in 2-3weeks. They are putting the final touches on a major renovation. I can not wait to show you! The bathroom tile is so beautiful! See “Reasons for the Move” below.

It is 158sq ft smaller than the place we live now, another step toward tiny living! Our place now says that it’s 930sq ft, but I measured only 880sq ft living space and that’s not subtracting the front porch (probably closer to 860). But I realized they were counting the back porch as well. How weird is that?

The new place, not counting any porches, is 713sq ft of interior living space! It will be the smallest place we have lived since our small ONE bedroom, 670sq ft apartment, where we lived just after we were married, 14yrs ago. It also comes with a small storage shed, perfect for bicycles, lawn furniture, a grill and folding tables.

Currently we are packing and I’m proud to say there’s very little headed to the trash/goodwill as we’ve sorted most of it out. So far, just some extra wrapping paper and 3 flat couch pillows! (You can see previous blogs if you search “sorting.”) It has two bedrooms and one bath, but it has two large windows in the living room! I’m so excited to have more light, we’ve lived in basement apartments for 4years! I’m ready for some SUNSHINE! We signed a 32month contract, so we’ll be here for awhile!

The big deal will come when we go through my husbands clothing, as I’ve went through mine about a year ago. I will look again. Also, a big change is that he is moving his studio to his mother’s garage area. Mainly because he feels separating his living space from his working space, he will get more done. He’s been slowly taking things over and has actually done more art work than in the past year. I think it will work well for him!! We will be keeping some supplies as an artist can never be naked. We have drawing, sewing and a little bit of paint. I will have to show you in another post once we are set up.

I wanted to do a blog to show you how we pared down, sorted and organized. And have been successful so far. However, when it comes to his studio supplies and equipment, it’s hard for me to blog that as he just works on it when he is in the mood. So I never know what’s been changed. However, we did a video of our place where we are now and will do another video of our new place before we move in and after we’ve settled in. I think seeing the changes will help to understand how things turned out.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to like, share or comment, your feedback is very helpful!

I’ll keep you up to date on our move and if we do any major sorting!! Also, find my follow up blog, “Is it really tiny living?” next week discussing tiny lifers who have two tiny houses and/or storage sheds.



Reasons for the move:

~Affordability, it will be about $100/month cheaper allowing us to be more comfortable paying bills, buying medications.

~Space, the space is laid out much smarter and is smaller, helping us get closer to our more simplified life. I’ll finally have a galley kitchen!!

~NO carpets! Looking forward to having an easier time maintaining the housekeeping as well as helping allergies.

~Privacy, we will share a wall with just ONE neighbor, not three, like we are now!

~Location, center of town, but enough trees around to feel cozy. The park is just a few blocks away, so is the grocery.

~Rent stability, we’ve locked in the current rent for 32 months at the new place and they rarely raise it vs. where we are now has increased EVERY year! ( we would have been paying $60/month more than when we moved in 3yrs ago, if we renewed.) I’d be ok with it if they maintained the actual buildings very well.

~Landlord vs. Corporate Management, landlord is more personable and respectful. The corporate management here has become confrontational in their management style. Although their maintenance is wonderful. We will be our own maintenance dept at the new place, which has it’s own pros and cons.


How about you? Thoughts, Experiences?

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