Paring Down Part 5: Shoes 10pr to 5pr!

Yes, I did it! I went through my shoes and pared down. To be honest, I always thought, I don’t own that many shoes…. This used to be true. I used to only own 2 pair! and now? Now I found I owned: 10!! My goodness how did that happen? One word: Crocs!! I own four pair of Crocs! Seriously!!

So here’s where I started 10 pairs:


From left to right:

Old gym shoes, Black Mary Jane, Black Dress Crocs, 2pr old off brand Crocs, 2pr new Crocs, Brand new black winter boots, Red house slipper boots, Old but still nice grey winter boots.

So, you might be wondering, why so many Crocs? I have problems with my feet and they are so comfortable, it makes it easier for me to stand and walk than any other shoe I have found yet. And I’m still looking! *any suggestions for a shoe that has good arch support and is soft n squishy, I’d like to know!*

Here’s what was decided:

~3 pair Gifted


One pair of old off brand Crocs, New dress Crocs and my favorite, nice winter boots, were all gifted to my mom, who loves them! Especially the boots, she was so excited and they looked so nice on her, it made it easier to part with them.



~1 pair Trashed:

It was easy to get rid of the old gym shoes, they went into the bin! There was no life left in them to donate.



~1 pair kept for guests

While I got rid of those four I actually kept 6pr, that’s because I kept the other pair of old off brand Crocs for guests, mainly my friend who comes and does my dishes. She says they really help her hips feel better. I feel the least I can do is keep a pair of shoes to help while she does it, right?

So, here is a pic of hers and my Crocs:


~2 pair Crocs kept for myself

In the picture below are my two pairs of Crocs. Now you may be wondering why I need two pairs. Well, for one, it’s good to have two pair to switch back and forth so they can rest and it increases their life span plus I wear them in the shower, so I can wear one, while the other dries. Also, my two pair are very different. One pair is for hot weather or just indoors (I am never bare foot inside), the other pair is for indoors and when it is wet out, notice there are no holes on the sides for water to splash in or dirt from gardening? These are my main ‘outdoor’ Crocs for when I take the dog out. I LOVE them because they work exactly the way they should! Dewy morning and evening doggy walks no longer leave my feet wet and slippery!


~2 (3) pair outdoor pairs kept


These below are my outdoor shoes. The black boots, center, are my new, very expensive Dansko winter boots that are warm, water proof and have good arch support. These will be my winter wear when ever I leave the house this winter. These will last me a lot of winters and so far have been worth the money! The blue Crocs we discussed above, the cheap black Mary Jane’s on the far left are because I need a ‘dress’ shoe of some sort to go with dresses and skirts when I go to weddings, funerals or gatherings in general. These are comfortable enough and do the job of looking like formal wear with out hurting my feet too bad.



~1 pair kept for indoor comfort

Lastly are the boots that I have a feeling will be given to my niece eventually but for now in the colder months they are nice to wear inside, a nice change from the Crocs, they are fuzzy on the inside and really comfy. They also have leather bottoms, so I could technically wear them outside, if there’s no water, or to stand on the porch to let the pooch out.


So, getting rid of half my shoes is a good beginning. But I’m realizing that no matter how much I “smart-size,” due to my medical issues with my feet, I will still need 5 pair of shoes: 1. dress shoe 2. 2pr indoor comfy shoes 3. winter boots 4. gym shoes.

If only I could get one or two pair to do double duty and cover more than one use that would be ideal. However, I haven’t figured that out yet.

Have you gone through your shoes yet?? If so, was it hard to let them go? What are your favorite pair and why??

Thanks so much for reading! Next week I’m going to tell you all about “Trying Tiny” with a formal dinner!

If you enjoyed this feel free to like, share and I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about living tiny, I could answer or find the answer for you!

Take care and good luck with your own projects!





One thought on “Paring Down Part 5: Shoes 10pr to 5pr!

  1. I have a lot of footwear! 5 pr boots (tall winter, short winter, hiking boots, fashion year-round boots in brown and black), 4 pr dressy shoes for work (various styles and heel heights), 3 pr sneakers (1 pr good workout shoes, 1 worn out pr for doing yard work, 1 pr casual for walking/shopping) and 1 pr off-brand crocs for taking out garbage etc. I feel like I “need” them all but of course I could pare down.


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