Vertical space

Living tiny is all about using your space wisely, this includes vertical space that otherwise goes unnoticed. I was shocked at how much counter space was saved just by adding a few extra things in my kitchen!

In true tiny living fashion, I found an old dresser drawer, courtesy of my sister, glued it up, changed the handles around and Voila! A shelf! Actually two shelves!



So here is what the corner looked like before. Those two stacked drawers took up a lot of space!



But by adding that shelf, it cleared up a lot of counter space! The blender base was moved to a different shelf with other like items.



The top drawer was dish towels, the bottom drawer was dish rags. I found cleaver space under the sink by using two hooks and an old cookie bucket.

Here is what it looks like now! Lots of counter space! I’m very happy with this change. The pot holders are on top of the shelf, very handy for oven use.



By using a little creativity, I was able to open space and make a fun and usable place with out a ton of effort or materials. Once it was hung, I regretted not painting it, perhaps that will be a project for another day! I do love being able to show my monkeys.

Thanks for reading, any cleaver, space saving tips you have used? Got pictures and want to share them? Let me know and I can post them!





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