The Scourge of Trying Tiny! Just say NO!



It is hard to just say no when someone cares about you enough to give you a gift. However, when one is trying to go tiny the idea is to get rid of things, keep the basics, organize, condense and relieve oneself of excess…. So, somebody please explain to me where these mugs came from??

Oh, two are from storage and some how snuck their way back into the cupboard, one was given to us – ummmmm, “Just say NO!” seems to be screaming in my head again, and one was being used for dog water in the back room, now replaced with an appropriate container. The black one is for my mom, she bought it and when she moves, she will take it with her, however, it still increases the number of items we had pared down.

One of the reasons we have so many things in our house that we are overwhelmed is because someone gave them to us. Whether it be a stock pot as a birthday gift (even though they knew we already had one), mugs, which we obviously have plenty, more dishes, stuffed animals, blankets, clothes and even food like canned goods, snacks, and baked goods! While the food is tasty, we are out of room to keep it, so often I take them and share with others. I feel awful complaining because we are sincerely blessed with such thoughtful people in our lives.

But, it feels that at this rate, tiny living is not going to be possible unless we exercise that, “no,” muscle more often. It’s so hard, but if we really want a simpler lifestyle then we need to get our friends and family on board so instead of gifting us “things,” they may start to gift us experiences, like theatre/museum tickets, restaurant gift cards, or what would be super helpful is a gift card for the vet!! (::wink, wink :: to my friends and family reading.)

While the photo only shows 5 mugs, 5 small, unassuming mugs, it is what they represent as a whole that creates the problem. And I just don’t know how we will figure this out. I have been reorganizing to be able to have more space but there is a tipping point that keeping things comes at a great cost of the freedom we so dearly want.

Have you had to just say no? How are you living smaller, tinier, happier lives?

Thank you for reading and for liking, commenting, sharing, it means the world to me. Please be sure to let me know if there are topics about tiny living you want to know about!





One thought on “The Scourge of Trying Tiny! Just say NO!

  1. Such a good topic! My family exchanges gifts for birthdays and Christmas. We all have a lot of “stuff” and are conscious of accumulating more. So now we ask each other what we want rather than just buying something at random. For the past two years I have been asking for “consumables only,” such as food and bath products. I like to give event tickets and restaurant gift certificates!


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