::Blush:: An Award, for Me? Thank you! Liebster Award


Cruising along here in the blogosphere showing people how to keep from being burdened by their possessions and BAM! I got hit with a Liebster! Sweet! Now I know I’m on the right road! The award is to recognize new bloggers who are doing a good job and to promote them within the blogging community. Thanks to psychologistmimi! She peaked my interest with her entertaining post about politely getting out of a cab when going commando, and now I read because her take on pretty much anything is witty, well written and interesting.

As an avid fan of anything German, I find this pretty cool. Lieben in German means to love, therefore Liebster is taken to mean, lovely, sweet, darling… etc. Oh did I mention I was born in Germany? You know those little boxes on forms that say: birthplace? Yeah, try fitting: Nurnberg, Bavaria, Germany into it.. Go ahead, try it. It’s not much fun. Then it literally took an act of congress to get a replacement birth certificate. Oh, good times, good times.

As a recipient of this award I have to answer a question, give 11 random facts and nominate others… So, here goes…

Question: What song makes you giggle?

Anything by Mika makes me joyous and happy and want to dance! My most favs are Grace Kelly, Lollipop and Big Girls. What can I say, his music tickles my Happy Bone. (although for something truly silly check out Rolf Harris’ Court of King Caractacus, then there’s the always funny One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.

11 Random Facts ~

1. I hated writing in high school and college

2. My super power is talking to people, I once was offered a job after telling off the boss whom I thought was a telemarketer

3. I only have one eye and zero depth perception, yes, I drive… lol

4. I’ve lived in/traveled to Italy, Germany and Australia

5. I have a spinal tumor AND a good sense of humor

6. I know a song for nearly every word

7. I read and actually enjoyed Moby Dick, but not Little Women

8, I hate shopping, love dancing

9. I was 16 when I met my husband (together 18 yrs now!)

10. I collect unique stationary, love pen pals

11. I have crazy, scary good senses of smell and hearing

General rules for nominations, thank and link the one who nominated you, give 11 random facts and nominate blogs that have less than 500 followers and that you think are really wonderful. Be sure to link to the ones you nominate on your page as well as letting them know in their comments.

Nominations: please also tell us what your favorite song is and why.

An Exacting Life

Finding Out Fibro

Note: Instructions for downloading the Liebster logo (download image from internet to your media library, copy and paste the url assigned to it from your media library in to your image widget)


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