Paring Down – Part 3 Washer/Dryer Our First Tiny House Purchase!

We got a stackable washer and dryer to save space by going vertical! These things brand new are $1200!! We have always planned to have a stackable unit but figured we  would save and planned on getting it when we moved into the tiny house. But we saw this was at a relative’s yard sale and it was a great price, so we bought it! After selling our dryer and probably giving the washer away (or scrapping it), the upgrade will have cost just under $100! Well worth it since our washer was very old and started tearing up our clothes, however still usable and good for anyone who is in desperate need temporarily.

But the biggest surprise was the amount of space it saved, I couldn’t believe it. Since we had a shelf above our original set, I didn’t think it would add much, but it really did. I am very pleased with this.

On the down side,there isn’t a good place to store my laundry soap, dryer sheets and other laundry related items. We will perhaps have a small shelf built near it in the tiny home. See photos below.

Laundry room before
Laundry room before
Laundry room after
Laundry room after
Corner:  open space!
Corner: open space!



10 thoughts on “Paring Down – Part 3 Washer/Dryer Our First Tiny House Purchase!

    • Thanks! we are doing well. I keep thinking, man, I haven’t gotten anything done yet, this year. And then I remember, it’s only been two weeks! There’s still time. lol
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope your year starts with a bang!


  1. Awesome upgrade and space saver! I see adequate space for a lazy Susan corner storage unit. A money saving tip? Most people don’t know the same dryer vent can be used as an inlet if you install a small fan to draw in hot air from outside. Save energy heating your laundry by utilizing the warm air outside. In colder climates you can build a diy soda can thermal heater!


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