Why Live The Tiny Life?

There are many reasons to choose the tiny life. For some it’s the freedom of being able to pick up and move when they want or need. Many more of us want to live affordably, debt free and mortgage free so that we can live a different kind of life, one more peaceful, less stressful. However, living tiny isn’t for every one. Some are happy to enjoy the average 2,300sq.ft. homes and wouldn’t have it any other way, that’s fine. But for me and my husband, we want the low cost and freedom from maintaining a larger home and all the things that go with it. So, what does it mean to live “tiny?”

Some of you may not know. So, a brief introduction might be helpful, first off, let’s start with the basics because there are a couple thoughts as to what it means to live the tiny life. One, is to actually live in a tiny home like Heather of Tiny House, Big Adventures. Here are some of her photos, used with her permission, notice it’s on wheels, which make it portable:

She lives in Alaska
This is her “tiny” kitchen

Another view is to live a tiny life as in, not accumulating “stuff,” organizing, recycling, living a simpler, smaller life than the average person. The idea is to make a smaller impact on the planet and making the most of what you have. By simplifying, you get more time for the important things in your life, such as, hobbies, family, friends, peace and solace. To do this some may participate in challenges to help pare down their things to make life more manageable such as the 333 Challenge where you pare down your wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months, you can find it at: http://theproject333.com/ or the 100 Item Challenge where you pare down all your belongings to just 100 items, another take on this challenge is to start by getting rid of 100 items.

There are many resources for how to pare down to live the simpler life and what it’s like to live it. Dee Williams gave a TED Talk which you can find on YouTube, Tammy Strobel runs a blog called http://www.rowdykittens.com, Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller were featured in a movie called, “We the Tiny House People.” They all also have several Youtube videos.

I hope they don’t mind me mentioning them in this blog because they are good inspirations for those of us either trying to live simple, pare down or be happier with less.

Our Story:

We owned an affordable home in the past, it was 750sq.ft. with a full basement making it 1,500sq.ft. of usable space. We crammed it full of so much stuff that we didn’t need, it was suffocating. Now living in only 900sq.ft., we still have more than we know what to do with. In our last post you saw how we reduced our kitchen a bit and we still have more to go. It’s been a nice change and we look forward to paring down more. We are choosing  to live tiny because my health is not good and maintaining a large space has become too difficult. The energy I do have I would like to spend it living life, not cleaning. I love to cook, paint, socialize, and bake. My husband is an artist and would rather create than maintain possessions. We also have debt we need to pay off to achieve the freedom and stress-free lifestyle we desire. Also in this shaky economy, job security is questionable and having a tiny home would offer security and stability. We hope that by doing things more simply and relaxed we will live a happier less stressed life.

We realize there are many questions that still need answered. Can we really survive in 240 sq. ft.? Will we actually simplify our lives and if so will we actually make time and put forth effort to do the things we love? I guess only time will tell.

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8 thoughts on “Why Live The Tiny Life?

  1. I did count and I am a little over, but some of those I can’t where as I am changing sizes and my sister gave me cloths. As I lose weight, the bigger sizes go out. I am really close to the 33 items though.


  2. I’m nowhere near ready to start living a ‘tiny life’ but I am excited to say that I’ve been slowly reforming my packrat ways.

    First – I’m trying to be more thoughtful with my purchases. Do I need this? Why? What happens when I don’t ‘need’ it anymore?

    Second – I’m working hard to reduce the numbers of items I keep. Do I really like this shirt for where I am now? Or am I keeping it because I liked it before I had kids? Do I need all of these magazines? Am I going to read these books again?


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